Regulations for International Students of Nanjing University of Posts and Teleco
update time: 2016-02-25  

These regulations are made in accordance with national laws and codes for the purpose of creating active, supportive environments for international students’ academic studies and general living.

1. Students are required to obey all Chinese laws and codes, as well as all university regulations, and respect Chinese social and moral customs.

2. Students’ own national, ethnic, and religious customs and beliefs will be respected, but the university shall be under no obligation to provide places for holding religious ceremonies or other related practices. Students are not permitted to disseminate religious literature, preach religious doctrines, or hold religious meetings on campus.

3. In preparation for summer and winter vacations, students shall submit written applications for leaving Nanjing to the Overseas Education College. Following the submission and review of an application for leave, a report will be filed and submitted to the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange.

4. Normally, the university does not organize political activities for international students. However, students can take part in volunteer activities.

5. Students are encouraged to take part in recreational activities held by the Student Union, and are also encouraged to take part in celebrations associated with Chinese holidays.

6. With permission from the university, students can celebrate national holidays in regulated places, but no behavior or words, aggressive or otherwise, deemed offensive to Chinese social and moral customs, or to the customs of other countries, shall be permitted.

7. Students can hold friendship association parties with permission from the university, but in so doing must obey Chinese laws, codes, and practices, and be in accordance with the management practices of the university. The establishment of organizations across schools and cities is allowed with the permission of appropriate or relevant Chinese administrative departments.

8. No business activities during college time are permitted, but work-study activities under college laws are permitted.

9. Publications, forms of association or assembly, parades, processions, and any other similar activities shall be carried out in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations. Religious activities shall be governed by the Regulations on Religious Activities of Aliens residing within the People’s Republic of China.

10. Management of immigration and residential permits shall follow the Decree of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

11. The Overseas Education College is responsible for the daily affairs of students, while the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange is responsible for foreign affairs and correlative coordination.

12. Management of other affairs shall refer to the correlative items of these regulations.

13. The Office of International Cooperation and Exchange assumes authority in the interpretation of any item specified or indicated in these regulations. 

14. These regulations are effective from the day issued.