Regulations Regarding the Management of International Students’ Apartments at Na
update time: 2016-02-25  

International apartments provide essential environments for international students for the duration of their attendance at college to support their academic affairs, study routines, and daily life. The following regulations are required for the better management of student housing issues and to ensure both the safety of students and the protection of their personal property.

I. Residency Requirements for International Students

1. It is generally expected that international students registered at NUPT shall dwell in international student apartments.

2. International students are required to provide a one-time payment of accommodation per school year, as well as a deposit of 200 Yuan (RMB) for room amenities. The deposit is refunded when the students leave the university. For students leaving prior to the end of the one-year school period, accommodation expenses shall be calculated according to the period of schooling.

3. International students are required to check all original room amenities according to the International Students’ Room Amenities List, and provide a signature on the list to verify the correspondence. Appropriate compensation will be required according to the cost for any item damaged or lost.

4. Accommodation for international students is allocated; no private exchange of rooms is permitted. For specific cases, students shall submit written applications for room changes within one week after the beginning of each term, and the application must be approved by the Overseas Education College. Room changes shall be carried out with complete formalities afterwards.    

5. International students shall strictly comply with required residence regimes. They shall turn off lights at the regulated time. No access to the apartment is permitted after 23:30pm. If students fail to return to their apartments in time due to specific circumstances, they shall be required to notify the apartment administrator before being allowed back in.

6. Room keys shall only be used by the residents to whom they are provided. Lending or duplicating keys is not permitted under any circumstances. Students are not allowed to assign or sublet their room or bed. Specific requests of assignment or bed adjustments must be submitted to the Overseas Education College for approval, and reported to the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange for recordkeeping. 

7. International students must inform apartment administrators of any leave for vacation or travel, or for visitations of friends or relatives, and are required to report their leave to the college for recordkeeping. 

8. Relatives and friends of international students arriving for visit and who need accommodations are required to show correlative certificates or passports for studying, working, or traveling. Consulting college teachers’ treatment, deposit and rent for unoccupied college short-term rentals will be charged according to college formalities; on the condition that no college accommodation is accessible, guests shall make arrangements for accommodation personally, and all at their own expenses. International students are not permitted to put anybody up in their apartments.    

9. Students shall not enter other rooms without permission. No movement or exchange of furniture is permitted; no painting or scrawling on walls is allowed; no other large furniture shall be added. Students who disobey regulations listed above will be required to reorder the room and compensate according to the cost. In addition they will receive correlative deductions.

10. Gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse, theft, assault, and any other violations against Chinese laws and college regulations are strictly prohibited. Flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive or any other threatening, obscene objects or materials are prohibited in students’ apartments. No promotion sales, pyramid sales or any other business activities are permitted in students’ apartments. Students are strictly prohibited from setting fires.

11. Telephone charges and Internet access costs during students’ stay in their apartments are the responsibility of the students.

II. Electricity Regulations Required of International Students

12. A rate of 80 kilowatts per year for each international student is for free use, but students are required to pay the costs of any excess of this amount.

13. Students are prohibited from using electric stoves, electric heaters, rice cookers and other high-power appliances inside their rooms. Any such appliances discovered in students’ rooms by administrators will be confiscated, according to the Regulations for Discipline Violation of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

14. Failed appliances or electrical problems should be reported to the administrator. Upon notification, the apartment management office will assume the responsibility of sending an electrical engineer to the site for inspection and repair. Students are not permitted to disassemble or repair any component.

15. Students are required to cut off their electricity supply before leaving their apartment to prevent the possibility of fire disaster.

16. Losses from fire disaster or other accidents caused by a breach of any of the provisions listed above shall be the responsibility of the offending person or party. In accordance with university regulations, an investigation will be conducted to determine criminal responsibility for any offense and appropriate punishments shall be administered.

III. Regulations for Reception

17. Visitors are required to show their ID cards, student certificates, or other valid documents before any reception, and the following rules must be observed:

1. The apartment administrator will contact the international student. With the student’s permission, a visitor will be allowed to meet with the student only following the completion of the required visitation sheet. The student’s ID card will be used as a deposit in exchange for the meeting sheet. The administrator reserves the right to refuse visitors without valid certificates. 

2. No reception during classes is permitted.

3. The following hours of reception must be observed:

Monday-Thursday: 18:00-21:30

Friday: 18:00- 22:30

Saturday, Sunday, legal holidays: 9:00—22:30

No visitor shall receive permission for access into a student’s room after 21:30. Only the reception room will be accessible. 

IV. Additional Regulations

18. Students shall obey the Code of Ethics, and be well-behaved. Students are required to keep their apartments clean and tidy, and orderly arrange all daily necessities. Personal stuff left in public places for more than two days will be taken as leftovers and removed. Bicycles are not allowed inside students’ apartments. Bathrooms shall be kept neat and clean. Throwing stuff from upstairs or any elevated building location is prohibited. Trash shall be taken out to assigned spots. No pets are allowed in students’ apartments.

19. Costs for sewer blockages due to inappropriate disposal of waste shall be the responsibility of the offending students. If no responsible person is discovered, any associated costs shall be undertaken collectively by the students living in the blocking room.

20. Students shall keep their public kitchen clean and tidy, and keep their facilities in good condition. No wasting of water is permitted. Kitchens must be regularly cleaned out and kitchen facilities must be safely used or operated. Students are required to follow any correlative instructions and regulations. Students who disobey instructions and regulations shall be held responsible for any associated accidents. In accordance with university regulations, an investigation will be conducted for any serious accident to determine criminal responsibility and disciplinary action shall be strictly administered.

21. Students shall not disturb each other by making noises such as dancing, shouting, drinking, playing music loudly, holding parties, etc. Arguments or conflicts with other international students or Chinese students shall be solved by responsible persons.

22. Students who have access to the Internet shall obey correlative regulations of the People's Republic of China, and also obey college rules for Internet use. Students shall never make use of the Internet for criminal activities, especially those which may endangerChina’s national security, and shall not be permitted to produce, refer, copy, or spread information, pornographic or otherwise, which may endanger social order and public morality.   

23. Students are required to leave their apartments at graduation or move to other places at scheduled times. Room deposits will be returned only when room keys are returned, no damage to amenities is discovered, and payment for electricity has been provided. All goods left in the room will be taken as leftovers. Loss of goods left in the room without permission of the administrator caused by cleaning or maintenance shall be undertaken by the responsible student, and he or she shall pay any necessary accommodation during such time.

24. Regarding international students who leave the university for more than one month, but who fail to report their leave to the Overseas Education College, the university reserves the right to take back their room and bed. Personal belongings may remain in the apartment for up to one month, but afterwards they will be taken as leftovers.  

25. Students are required to coordinate and actively participate in any sanitation and safety inspections held by the university and Overseas Education College. Student performance in international apartments in this regard will be evaluated in connection with the assessment of student scholarships.

26. Students shall strictly obey the regulations listed above. Any violation will bring about appropriate penalties or disciplinary action, and any serious accident may culminate in a student’s expulsion from university after the Overseas Education College has reported it to appropriate authorities.

27. Any other activities or behaviors not addressed in the above regulations which threaten the safety or order of international student housing shall be governed by correlative regulations.

28. The Office of International Cooperation and Exchange assumes authority in regards to the interpretation of any item specified or indicated in these regulations.  

29. These regulations are effective from the day they have been issued.